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1.    Rated Voltage: 120V/250V(380V)
2.    Max.Current:AC16A(8A)、10A(8 A) 、10A(4A)
3.    Frequency:50/60HZ
4.    Mechanical Endurance: ≥100.000times
5.    Electrical Endurance: ≥50.000times
6.    Working Temperature:0 ºC< water temperature≤80 ºC
7.    Protection Grade:IP68

Float Switch
1.Sets free from operating pump every time
2.Ensures uninterrupted water supply
3.Never allows your over head tank to spill over or be empty
4.Eliminates water ,power & time wastage
5.Protects pump from low/high voltage and dry run
6.Absence of rigid or fixed part inside the tanks makes cleaning easy


Maximum current 16(8)Amps
Voltage Range 125-250V,AC
Frequency 50/60HZ
Maximum Working Temperature 55℃
Degree of Protection IP68
Cable 3 Core round cable
Cable Length 2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0&10.0m
Cable size 0.5 Sq mm,0.75 Sq mm,1.0Sq mm

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